As Universal Republic Records production guru for all the artists on NBC's hit show, The Voice, multi-platinum producer/mixer Bill Appleberry has lead the production team responsible for producing, recording and mixing all of the studio recorded songs available for download from every episode of the show. Throughout all seven seasons, Appleberry and his full service production company, The Loop Music Group have mastered the art of producing high quality recordings at an extremely accelerated pace. In addition to The Voice, they were also called upon to handle music production duties for Dick Clark Productions’ Rising Star. With The Voice’s single sales in excess of over 20 million and over 50 songs in the Top Ten on the iTunes singles chart, the success is a shining example that Appleberry’s strategic studio method and versatility is working. On an average week, the team will deliver 12 mastered tracks under the pressure of strict deadlines by enduring relentless hours in Los Angeles’ famed Henson Studios, Appleberry’s second home.

Having worked in different genres his entire career, Appleberry is thrilled to finally have a chance to work with the country music scene as a result of The Voice, most recently celebrating the success of Season 7's winner, Craig Wayne Boyd's #1 Billboard Hot Country debut with "My Baby's Got a Smile". "Craig is a total professional, it was an absolute pleasure to work with him throughout the season. For 'Smile', I sat down with Blake and Craig before we went into the studio and threw around different ideas on how we wanted to approach the song. Blake's band was in town, so he suggested we use them for the recording. I was all for it! We all met the next day in the studio and by the end of the day we had the track and it was rockin! Country rockin of course! Everything just seemed to come together and we couldn't be happier with the outcome! Of course, having a #1 Country chart debut record is always nice too!"

One of the highlights for Appleberry every season is recording the duets with the coaches and the contestants. It's an experience that brings together seasoned veterans with brand new artists and Appleberry has been able to help create and document winning combinations with the likes of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green, Usher and Christina Aguilera.

"The Voice has been an amazing experience! We’re coming up on our 4 year mark and it's hard to believe we’ve done close to 1500 songs! It's a very big challenge to keep our wits about us, the hours are insane," laughs Bill.

As a kid he gravitated to his grandparents' hand-me-down organ in his family's living room, going on to play in bands throughout high school and then enlisting in the Marines, which he now calls, "one of the best decisions I ever made." While in the corps he cut his teeth as a teenage drummer in the prestigious Commandant's Own U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. He attended The School of Music in Norfolk along with players from other branches of the service, and was stationed in Washington, DC, playing such noteworthy gigs as the Reagan White House.

After leaving the Corps, Bill aligned with an up and coming recording studio in Virgina, where he went from playing sessions and programming, then segueing into producing, mixing and engineering. His first breakthrough was tracking all the vocals and remixing Shai's multi-platinum single, "If I Ever Fall in Love."

After traveling to and from L.A. for mixing sessions, Appleberry moved there permanently in 1998, landing a gig on his very first day at A&M Studios (now Henson Recording), then going independent after six months. Along the way, he played keyboards on KISS' 1998 comeback album Psycho Circus, played keyboards with Joe Walsh's reunited James Gang and Stone Temple Pilots, and worked on projects for bands like Hole, 311, Sixpence None the Richer, The Used, Taking Back Sunday and The Wallflowers along with R&B acts Praz, Macy Gray and The Fugees. "Being a keyboard player has been a great asset and my foundation for becoming a producer," said Appleberry. "Helping to craft the songs and work through the arrangements is one of my favorite parts of collaborating with Artists on their records."

In early 2011, Universal Republic A&R executive Tom MacKay hired Appleberry and brought him in to produce all the studio recordings for The Voice.

"We talked about the show and the serious logistical challenges with pulling it off," says Appleberry. "I left the call and went back to assemble a team and came up with a bulletproof method to achieve the almost impossible, pulling off delivering 176 songs a season, averaging 12 mastered singles each week! Although The Voice is a TV show, my work on the iTunes singles for Universal/Republic is approached the same way as any other record I would make. The process is the same; accept that it is done in hyper drive! Although it's extremely accelerated, we pride ourselves on capturing great performances and maintaining quality recordings. It is a complete teamwork effort. Looking back, I don’t think we were really prepared for this to turn into such a huge success as both a television show as well as the actual single sales!"

"One of the greatest rewards of this process is that it has helped me to make certain quick decisions and to be ok with letting music be music and not overthinking it. I am a perfectionist of sorts, but sometimes letting things fall together organically is equally as rewarding," explains Appleberry.

"The biggest asset I have is the wonderful people I am surrounded by. I have the best team in the business, which is magnified by having the best band in the business as well! What we achieve is all because we have a fantastic group of people that all contribute and work together like the hands of a clock. I am very grateful and it is a true pleasure to work with all of them. Turning over 20 million units was a big moment for all of us."